About Us


Obscure Euro Parts is a full service auto parts consignment shop specializing in classic and rare European auto parts. Since 2017 Obscure Euro Parts has been delivering high quality used parts for major European automotive brands such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes and more to passionate enthusiasts around the world. Our mission is to get parts in the hands of enthusiasts who need them the most and to relieve the pain and stress that comes with selling used items online for our clients. Beyond consignment we offer a range of auto parts services from consulting, to sourcing, to importing and more!



CONSIGNMENT: We take on parts from enthusiasts from every walk of the European car community. Whether you're a seasoned shop owner, a meticulous collector or a weekend wrench-turning enthusiast Obscure Euro Parts can help get your parts into the hands of people who need them. We organize, clean, picture, list and ship your parts then send a pay out once it's on to a new home.

(Pricing for consignment varies on a case by case basis)

CONSULTING: Obscure Euro Parts has worked with thousands of parts from many different models of cars, especially BMWs. If you're looking for a specific part and need help understanding what will fit your vehicle we offer consulting time to help confirm fitment and identify key elements of certain parts so you can get what you need to get back on the road quicker. Reach out to us directly to book a phone or video call.

SOURCING AND IMPORTING: With our global network of companies, shops, suppliers and enthusiasts we take pride in finding some of the rarest and hardest to find cars and parts. If you're looking for something specific, we take special requests on parts for customers. We offer this service on a range of products from single OEM parts, to foreign market rarities, to full cars brought over from Europe we help manage every aspect of the deal from acquisition, logistics, delivery and customer satisfaction. Feel free to reach out directly about what kinds of parts or vehicles you're looking for!



ORGANIZE: When you consign parts with us, we sort them into boxes with basic SKU numbers so you can track each part as it sells. Once all of these parts are organized we send you a way to watch your inventory and keep tabs on its sales progress.

CLEAN: We thoroughly clean every part that comes in to make sure it's looking its best prior taking high quality photos to accurately represent our parts.

PICTURE: Every part that comes to us gets up to 13 high quality photos taken of it in our in house professional photo booth. 

LIST: After parts are sorted, cleaned and pictured we list them with an accurate description on our website and other channels to get your parts in front of a global audience of enthusiasts.

SHIP: Once a part sells we professionally package it into a box or padded shipping envelope to ship and ship it through the most cost effective means.

PAY: When a part is sold we process the transaction, deal with all applicable fees and send you the final payout for your parts.